Firkin Rare Aultmore 2010 Tawny Port

The Aultmore distillery is on the Foggie moss burn outside Keith in Speyside. The stretch of the road leading to the distillery often disappears in a blanket of fog. 

So even finding the distillery is hard, let alone a single malt Ardmore. Most Ardmore finds itself in blends. This Firkin whisky is rare. 

We paired an Aultmore 2010 with a tawny port in one of our fabulous Firkin custom casks. The result is a unique and satisfying whisky. 

It’s a rare and extraordinary dram under the Firkin Rare label.

History of the Aultmore Distillery

Alexander Edward founded Aultmore distillery in 1895 . He was one of the pioneer distillers of his generation. Alex Edwards was born into a family of distillers, his father ran Benrinnes Distillery.

A water wheel initially powered Aultmore. Water wheel power was unusual for a distillery and a new-fangled steam engine replaced it. 

But, ever the canny Scot, Alex Edward kept the water wheel in place. When the steam engine needed maintenance, he went back to the water wheel. The wheels keep on turning. 

Aultmore set a standard for endurance and utility. The steam engine was then in almost continuous use for the next 70 years. It’s still at the distillery today. They don’t use it, but it’s standing by. You never know when it'll come in handy. 

Fog and low mist cloak the distillery from view. Aultmore was once a centre for illicit distilling. The distilling skills passed through the generations in this part of Scotland. Drinking Aultmore is sipping history. 

Most of the Aultmore gets blended into Dewers blended whisky. It’s a rarity to see Aultmore as a single malt, which is a shame. The blenders have been keeping it to themselves and most people will never know how great it is. That’s why we made this Firkin Rare whisky. 

So why pair Aultmore with Tawny port? 

Tawny Ports age in casks, rather than large tanks or bottles like their Ruby counterparts. This gives them a lighter body and colour as well as a silkier style. The Tawny flavours melt into the Aultmore spirit in our custom cask.

Our casks use American first-fill bourbon and new French Limousin oak staves. After we combine the staves, we burn the inside to make custom char. Our double oak cask creates an exceptional flavour profile with Tawny port.

The result is a dram that reflects the best of both worlds; something Firkin Rare to savour.

Firkin Rare Aultmore 2010 Tawny Port tasting note

Firkin Rare Single Malt Scotch Whisky Cartoon

When these brilliant ingredients come together, it makes a great malt. 

Big, fresh nose of red fruit and oak spice, it rolls over the taste buds. Round and extended with a ripper combo of red fruit, creamy malt, bright spirit and cinnamon. Firkin Rare Aultmore 2010 delivers all this by the bucketful. Firkin Ace.