I never thought I would go to heaven… and how you can too

I have not led a blameless life, folks. I tried to be a good person and had some success in that direction but… let’s just say I was easily led by bad men, and even badder women. 

Time to knock on heaven's gates

So when I rock up at the Pearly Gates ready to have the Last Big Interview of my life things ain’t looking good. The Big Man is looking at the pros and cons of letting me in and his expression is grim. Inspiration strikes. ‘Were you ever a drinking man, you know, when you were down there?’ I asked. Fond recollection was followed by suspicion. ‘Why?’

The angel's share

Angel's Share Whisky Evapouration

Things are looking better. ‘I may be able to help you there. You ever heard of the Angel’s Share?’ The Big Man’s eyes narrow. ‘Share of what?’ 

Hovering over the spot where Firkin whisky is maturing, The Big Man takes a deep breath and a smile breaks out. The 3% of Firkin whisky evaporating from those Double Oak Casks made of French and bourbon oak staves doing their magic is truly the Angel’s Share. 

Back at the gates The Big Man seems in a hurry. ‘So’, I ask, ‘am I in or what?’ 

Yeah, yeah’ He throws back over his shoulder. ‘Make yourself at home. I’ve got to see a man about a shipment up here’.

Angel's Share Whisky Evapouration

Inspired by the Firkin Founder and translated into mortal words by Jane Offler The Whisky Widow

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